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Best Muay Thai & Kickboxing Gift Ideas

Best Muay Thai & Kickboxing Gift Ideas

Friends and family training Kickboxing or Muay Thai can be difficult to shop for. Their passion and dedication to training make a martial arts themed gift a great choice, but if you don't train alongside them, choosing a gift can be an intimidating process.

Today we will examine 11 great gift ideas for your loved one training Muay Thai or Kickboxing:

11.) Shorts ($30-$65)

Muay Thai Shorts Ideas

If the person you're shopping for trains consistently, they would probably love having another pair of shorts or two! Muay Thai shorts can be simple or flashy, but with brands recently embracing sublimated fabrics, they have become a favorite way for a fighter to display their style or personality. You can never have too many pairs of shorts, and since air-drying is best for satin fabrics, having a collection of shorts comes in handy for the busy fighter. Some of our favorite shorts brands are:

  • Fairtex - One of the oldest clothing and gear suppliers, Fairtex has been equipping fighters since 1971. With shorts and equipment handmade in Thailand, the quality and style of Fairtex products is exceptional.
  • Muay Thai Addict - This U.S. based company is a favorite of many dedicated fighters. They have everything from fun and elaborate Super Mario-themed designs to donut or pizza-themed shorts. Don't worry, they've got plenty of less-flashy designs as well.
  • In Fight Style - With colorful, but conservative designs, In Fight Style has an excellent selection of shorts that utilize different types of fabrics and materials. 

10.) Supplements ($40-$100)

Prestige Labs Protein Supplements

The person you're shopping for is working to improve their physical health and well being. They may even be looking to drop some weight or reach a desired weight class. Pre-workout supplements, protein powers, multi-vitamins, and recovery formulas can help your loved one reach their physical potential and be ready for the next training session. Prestige Labs has a great selection of supplements and proteins and can deliver regular shipments straight to your loved one's front door.

9.) Private Lessons ($30-$200)

Private Lessons for Martial Artists

One of the best ways to level-up your skills and make technical adjustments is to get some one-on-one time with a coach. Since most Muay Thai and Kickboxing training in the U.S. is done in a group environment, getting some private training can be a great change of pace. And because most gyms are small businesses and often owner-operated, this is also a great way to shop small! Contact the gym your loved one trains at and inquire about prices and recommended coaches. You can often get savings when purchasing in bulk or a package of 30-60min sessions.

8.) Egg Weights ($30)

Shadow boxing with weights is great for building arm strength, punching power, and shoulder conditioning. However using a dumbbell can put painful tension on a puncher's wrist + elbow; they are also bulky to carry in a gear bag. Egg Weights add resistance to your shadow boxing, but they fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be easily transported and stored.

7.) Boxing Gloves ($30-$250)

Ringside Boxing Gloves, bag gloves, sparring gloves

Similar to shorts, a fighter can never have too many pairs of boxing gloves! Gloves wear down over time with frequent use (8-12 months on average) and if the person you're shopping for is training consistently, they will most likely want more than one pair of gloves: bag gloves, sparring gloves, 10oz, 16oz, etc. Ringside boxing has a fantastic supply of boxing gloves for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Mixed Martial Arts.

6.) Books: "A Fighter's Heart" or "The Fighter's Mind" ($10-$20)

Fighter's Mind and Fighter's Heart by Sam Sheridan

Author Sam Sheridan wrote one of most authentic and accurate books on fighting after his journey across the world, training and competing in Muay Thai, BJJ, and Mixed Martial Arts. His book, "A Fighter's Heart" is a must-read for any aspiring fighter. His follow up book, "The Fighter's Mind" pinpoints the ups and down a fighter experiences and puts thoughts/feelings into words better than anyone else. If the person you're shopping for has fought before, they will be writing notes and highlighting lines all-over this book. If they are an aspiring fighter, both books are must-reads to know what they should expect along their journey.

5.) Focus Mitts ($45-120)

Combat Corner Focus Mitts and Striking Pads

It takes two to tango! The person you're shopping for is on the journey to perfect their technique, but often times that journey includes working with a training partner. Many gyms supply shared focus mitts their students, but they're not always comfortable and the frequent shared-use can leave them smelling funky. Having your own mitts can be a luxury. If your loved one trains at home, a pair of focus mitts and a training partner can bring a refreshing change of pace to a training routine. Your loved one might be thrilled with the opportunity to share their passion with you! Combat Corner has a great selection of focus mitts, Thai pads, and other striking pads. Their Hand-Made In Thailand (HMIT) line of equipment is amazing quality and one of the preferred choices for striking coaches.

4.) Massage Gun ($30-129)

Percussion Massage Guns

Martial Arts training is great for the body, but it is also grueling. The repetitive nature of training in Muay Thai and Kickboxing creates lots of sore and tight muscles. A handheld massage gun can be great for recovery as well as warming up the body before training. Newer models of these percussion massagers have hot + cold settings for extra therapy and recovery.

3.) Ice Bath ($160-$1,500)

Ice Bath options for athletes at Recovery Routine

After a hard workout that's taxing on the body or a sparring session that includes lots of bumps & bruises; a cold ice bath can be wonderful for recovery. Ice baths have proven to reduce muscle fatigue & soreness, increase cardiovascular endurance, reduce stress, and decrease inflammation. For occasional use, a portable tub and 1-2 bags of ice will go a long way. For everyday use, a larger tub with water chiller + filter will keep the tub clean and ready for plunging at the desired temperature.

2.) Gear Bag ($89-$149)

Hayabusa Gear Bags for Martial Artists

A good gear bag is a great investment and can become one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment! Many martial artists will hit the gym after work or school. They may bring clothes, gloves, sparring gear, hand wraps, training pads, supplements, and more to the gym every day. That's a lot of stuff to haul back-and-forth! A great bag usually has a separate compartment for wet/nasty clothing; it keeps other items from getting smelly and helps to stay organized. Hayabusa Fightwear offers some of the best gear bags on the market.

1.) Fight Club Crate ($69)

November Box from Fight Club Crate

The Fight Club Crate is designed to help your loved one maximize their training and is customized to fit their style, size, and Martial Art!
  • Each Crate contains 4-5 items with a total value of $100-$125/crate.
  • You only pay $69/shipment with a subscription. That's 30-45% in savings!
  • Shipping is FREE in continental USA.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime.
  • Each crate contains:
    • (1) Training or fight shorts.
    • (1) Other piece of apparel (T-Shirt, Jersey, Compression Shirt, etc.)
    • (1-3) Items to improve your training (Gear, Equipment, Books, Supplements, etc.)
  • If something doesn't fit, send it back and we'll exchange for an item of similar value.

The Fight Club Crate makes the perfect gift this holiday season. Go here customize their crate and leave the stressful shopping decisions to us!

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