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Membership Terms

Last Updated: October 30, 2023


  1. Monthly Crate Memberships
  2. Quarterly and Bi-Annual Box Memberships
  3. Taxes and Shipping and Handling
  4. Cancellation Policy
  5. Add-Ons, Edit and Other Sales
  6. Termination/Program Changes
  7. Disputes
  8. Severability
  9. Questions

At Fight Club Crate, we offer a variety of memberships (each, a “Membership”). Please review these Fight Club Crate Membership Terms ("Membership Terms") carefully and make sure you understand them before enrolling because they contain important and relevant information regarding your Membership, including membership charges and cancellation terms. 

Memberships continue indefinitely and you will continue to be charged unless and until you cancel your Membership or we suspend or terminate your Membership in accordance with these Membership Terms and/or the Fight Club Crate Terms.

By signing up for a Membership, you agree to these Membership Terms as well as our Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference, and you agree to abide by such other Fight Club Crate policies, guidelines and rules that may be applicable to your Membership activities from time to time.

1. Monthly Crate Memberships:

A “Monthly Crate Membership” consists of an initial product welcome box and an additional box sent out each month thereafter (each, a “Box”).

If you sign up for a Monthly Crate Membership, you will be immediately billed $58.49 (plus shipping and taxes if applicable) at the time of your purchase as a non-refundable minimum purchase and a welcome box or the current month’s box will be shipped to you within 14 business days. The specific Box you receive as a first-time subscriber is subject to availability or may be based on the specific promotional code that you choose to use or the Box you select.

The Fight Club Monthly Crate Membership is an ongoing subscription service that is automatically charged to your payment method on file. Unless and until you cancel your Membership (see Section 4 “Cancellation” below) you will be charged at the beginning of each month and every month thereafter on the first (or first business day) of each month.

2. Quarterly and Bi-Annual Crate Memberships:

If you sign up for a “3-Month/Quarterly" or 6-Month/Bi-Annual Crate Membership”, your Membership will include the same Boxes as you would receive under a Monthly Crate Membership, as outlined above (Boxes will be shipped monthly). If you sign up for a Quarterly or Bi-Annual Box Membership, you will be immediately billed according to the Quarterly/Bi-Annual Pricing table below (plus shipping and taxes if applicable), at the time of your purchase as a non-refundable minimum purchase and a welcome box or the current month’s box will be shipped to you within 14 business days.

Quarterly/Bi-Annual Crate Pricing:

Quarterly / 3-Month Fight Club Crate

$165.72 every 3-months

Bi-Annual / 6-Month  Fight Club Crate

$311.94 every 6-months

The Fight Club Crate Quarterly and Bi-Annual Memberships are for an ongoing subscription service that is billed every 3 or 6 months, (plus shipping and taxes if applicable) and will be automatically charged to your payment method on file. Unless you cancel your Membership prior to such time, at least 48 hours prior to your billing date, you will be charged on the next applicable Bill Date (on the first of the month, each 3 or 6 months) following receipt of your first three or six boxes and then quarterly or bi-annually in the same months each year thereafter. (ie. If you signup for a bi-annual membership on January 15th, you will be charged immediately, and then six months later on the first of the month: July 1st, and each 6 months thereafter.

3. Taxes and Shipping and Handling:

Stated prices for Memberships and other products or services available for purchase through your Membership or otherwise on our websites (including through Add-Ons, Edit or other sales events) do not include any customs, duties, sales, use, value-added, excise, provincial, federal, state, local or other taxes. You are solely responsible for the payment of such taxes related to your purchase. We have the right to charge you for any taxes that we believe we are required to pay or collect related to your purchase. Please also note that shipping and handling fees are not included in the stated prices and currently apply to all shipments outside the contiguous United States and may apply to orders below a certain dollar threshold amount.

Your Monthly Box will generally ship within 14 days of billing. Once your Box has shipped, it will generally be delivered within 7-10 business days for customers in the United States, 9-14 business days for customers outside the United States, and up to 45 business days for customers with APO/FPO/DPO addresses. Delivery times are dependent on the shipping carrier and subject to change.

4. Cancellation Policy:

Memberships may be cancelled any time, subject to these Membership Terms and the Fight Club Crate Terms of Use. 
In order to cancel your Membership, you must
 do one of the following: (a) email, indicate that you wish to cancel and follow the instructions that we send you in response; (b) log in to your Fight Club Crate account, navigate to the “My Account” link, click on the “Account Details” tab, choose “Cancel Subscription”, and follow the instructions; or (c) call us at 800-607-1275, indicate that you wish to cancel your Membership and follow the instructions given.

There are no cancellation fees. Cancellations must be effected at least 48 hours prior to your next Bill Date to avoid further charges. Cancelling your Membership does not provide you a refund for Membership payments already processed, nor does it stop a pending charge. Annual members who cancel their Membership will continue to receive any remaining prepaid seasonal boxes. Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.

5. Add-Ons, Edit and Other Sales:

Every month we may offer additional, discounted products that Members may add to that month’s Box (“Add-Ons”) or may purchase in between boxes in our sales events. Add-Ons, or sales events are limited time events, during which Members may add or remove products from their order, subject to their availability. Add-Ons are generally billed in conjunction with the billing dates for the monthly box, and are shipped along with your Box, if you are receiving a Box. Sales event orders are generally billed separately from your subscription.

6. Termination/Program Changes:

Fight Club Crate reserves the right to terminate a Membership for Member nonpayment, fraud or abuse of their Membership, violation of any state or federal law, and/or violation of these Membership Terms, Term of Use, or any other Fight Club Crate guidelines (including the Community guidelines) or as otherwise provided in the Terms of Use. Members must treat all other Fight Club Crate Members and staff with respect at all times. Attacks, harassment, negative references, offensive comments, profanity, threats, bullying, or otherwise inappropriate comments or behavior are not allowed. If Fight Club Crate suspects that these Membership Terms, the Terms of Use, or any other Fight Club Crate guidelines are being violated, Fight Club Crate may take any appropriate action including but not limited to termination of your Membership and account.

Fight Club Crate may terminate or modify the Membership program, including its Membership Terms, the type or number of product offerings, prices and discounts on product offerings and Memberships, eligibility used to determine discount amounts, order frequency, billing dates, delivery dates, fees, taxes, shipping fees or dates or any other program features, at any time. Any modifications will go into effect immediately and will apply to your future orders. Your continued participation in the program constitutes your acceptance of any modifications. If you do not agree to any changes, you must cancel your Membership and/or other product order(s).

7. Disputes:

As stated in Section 14 of our Terms of Use, which are incorporated herein by reference, You and Fight Club Crate agree that any dispute, claim, or controversy, whether based on past, present or future events, arising out of or relating in any way to: these Membership Terms and any incorporated agreements (e.g. the Terms of Use), and any prior versions thereof (including the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof); the Services or Sites; content or Products currently or previously available on or through the Services or Sites; your relationship with Fight Club Crate; your information provided to Fight Club Crate; the threatened or actual suspension, deactivation, or termination of your Membership or access to the Services or Sites; payments made by you or payments made or allegedly owed to you; any promotions, credits, or other offers; and/or any other federal and state statutory and common law claims (collectively, “Covered Matters”) will be resolved in accordance with the provisions set forth in Section 14 of the Terms of Use.

8. Severability:

If an arbitrator or a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of these Membership Terms to be invalid, the parties agree that the arbitrator or court should endeavor to give effect, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of these Membership Terms will remain in full force and effect.

9. Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at:
(800) 607-1275